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Dumbest Open Carry Stunt Yet

by Jerry Bader

Not all, but most responsible gun owners I've spoken with agree with me that the "in your face" open carry stunts taking place around the state do more harm than good to the gun rights cause. As I've written previously, trying to shock people by carrying long guns slung over your shoulder to get them to accept guns is like trying to teach a child to swim by throwing her in lake.

One of the men responsible for these stunts is taking this stupidity to a whole new level. One of the men involved in recent open carry efforts,Charles Branstrom, told Press-Gazette Media that he is planning an armed presence around the bars this weekend as a response to the savage attack by Green Bay Police. He says a group of people will be open carrying in the downtown Green Bay area where last week's incident occurred..

Exactly what kind of message is Branstrom trying to send to the GBPD? That he and his armed band will engage officers in armed combat if they see police behavior they consider excessively violent? That they're going to be the enforcers? The goal of these stunts is to get police to mishandle the legal carrying of guns. But Branstrom takes this to a whole new level by implying they'll be armed in response to what he sees as a case of police brutality. Whether he intends to or not, Branstrom seems to be warning police to be on best behavior or they'll meet armed resistance. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Branstrom's planned display is exactly what I hate about this movement. They're not carrying guns for self protection; they're carrying guns to make a political statement. He's intentional open carrying with a long gun to incite. How could responsible, law-abiding, gun-carrying citizens not have a problem with this?