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Do Even Liberals Believe the IRS "Dog Ate My Homework" Excuse?

by Jerry Bader

And it actually matters whether they do or don't. Some conservatives actually bought the Nixon White House explanation for an 18 minute gap in oval office audio recordings (some still do, I'm not among them). But many didn't. How many IT people have to stand up and point out that it's a virtual certainty that this data can be retrieved?

Is the left so oblivious to the precedent they would set if they accept this sophomoric attempt at obstructing justice? Perhaps they are. It's hard to imagine that a majority of the American public, and that includes some on the left, will be as clueless.

And will there ever be a moment in the Obama presidency when the media will fully realize, not just suspect, they're being played for fools? If this isn't that moment, then perhaps the answer is no.