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Did the Journal-Sentinel Run a Mostly False Story Front Page, Above the Fold?

by Jerry Bader

I blogged on this yesterday, but have been thinking about it since then. The Journal-Sentinel says Governor Scott Walker's claim of Wisconsin being #2 in economic outlook is "mostly false" because, in their estimation, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve numbers really aren't valid for a state by state comparison. All Walker is doing is reporting the number, but they seem to feel Walker should know better.

Does that mean their June 5 story where Wisconsin ranked 49th back this is also "mostly false?" It must, because in discrediting the metric in their Politifact rating Friday they use the second from last ranking of this spring to illustrate how volatile the ranking is. I don't get the print edition of the Journal Sentinel, but the governor's office said in a release Friday it appeared front page, above the fold. Was there ever a retraction of this mostly false story by the paper? Was anybody punished for writing/publishing a mostly false story? 

Clearly if Walker attributing a ranking to the Philly Fed makes his claim "mostly false" now, then it seems pretty clear the paper attributing a #49 ranking to the same entity was "mostly false" then. Unless of course, you're a liberal paper trying to have it both ways.