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Democrats still stumped on the "Gosnell Question"

by Jerry Bader

After Nancy Pelosi looked like "Mad Men's Roger Sterling on acid trying to answer this question, you would think somebody somewhere in the Democratic machine would have come up with some pat answer. She has one, sort of, with the "it's unconstitutional line." But it's clear that libs can't come up with a coherent argument against reality. The only difference between being an abortionist and a mosnter (Gosnell) is a matter of inches. Gosnell is going to prison only because he failed to do the horrible things he did to babies while they were still in the womb. Gosnell is this giant human pin that keeps popping their "out of sight, out of mind, clump of tissue" mantra that allows them to sleep at night. Inside the vagina, abortion. Outside, murder. Even they see how absurd this is. They have no answer. Make sure to watch both clips.