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Dairy Farm Employees Charged with Animal Abuse

by Jerry Bader

When this video first surfaced, a number of people in the dairy industry said they saw nothing wrong with it. Admittedly, some of the things that look like abuse to someone unfamiliar with dealing with cows isn't. But there was never a question in my mind that some of it was. Probably the biggest area of dispute I had with those in the dairy industry today was the mucky conditions. Some defended it. Others agree with me that cows shouldn't be kept in those conditions. 

And I disagree with the contention abuse is widespread in the dairy industry. Sometimes measures needed to get a cow on her feet can be disturbing. That said, in my opinion, actions in this video cross a line.

I realize life on a dairy farm is a lot different than it was for me 30 years ago. But the standards shouldn't be.