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by Jerry Bader

This could be the most telling story you ever see in the late-term abortion debate.  I have said for years that abortion supporters, including the mainstream media, sleep at night by employing an out of sight, out of mind, fantasy bubble. In other words, don't do anything to shatter their "it's just a clump of tissue" fantasy. The problem is, they have taken this fantasy to the second and third trimesters, where that clump of tissue appears as it does in the hand in this photo. What could possibly be controversial about this photo? The answer? Nothing. But to see a 20 week old baby outside the womb shatters their belief system. As Hot Air rightly pointed out; the problem isn't that the ad is controversial, it's how effective it is that bothers the papers that rejected it.

Here's something else very telling; one of the papers agreed to show a 20 week old baby in utero. Now, why are they okay with that? Here's why; because they believe most people have bought into the insane notion that as long as its inside the mother, it's not a baby. You see what's going on here? You could call this the "Gosnell effect." Outside the womb, kill a baby and your a murderer. Inside the womb? Baby, what baby? And they consider believing life begins at conception to be a religious belief. 

This ad would make a spectacular billboard. It'd be great to see someone on the pro-life side of the issue pay for a national campaign. I believe this ad could truly change hearts and minds. Apparently, so do some of the country's major newspapers.