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by Jerry Bader

I know I'm late to the party on this, but for whatever reason I haven't had a chance to talk or write lately about Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. Since November, Davis has exposed herself to be one of the great political frauds of all time. First she tries to re-label her self "pro-life" when abortion is the issue that brought her to national prominence. By the way, you'll see no mention of that issue on her campaign website. Then there were the allegations of her fudging the facts on her personal history.

Now that woman that blogger Erick Erickson dubbed "Abortion Barbie" is now "Pro-Gun" Barbie. As Hot Air alluded to, imagine the Ivory Tower feminists who love this woman seeing this headline. She realizes she has no chance in hell of winning in Texas as the candidate that made her and her jogging shoes a darling of the national left and the liberal MSM.

Assuming Texas voters see through this charade the way I think they're going to, this is going to be a real drubbing.