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Caught in the Political Grinder

by Jerry Bader

Kelly Rindfliesch, and an employee in Scott Walker's Milwaukee County Executive Office, has remained silent about the ordeal she endured after she was targeted by prosecutors in the Scott Walker John Doe 1.0 witch hunt. Stayed silent until now, that is. Rindflesich seemed to bare virtually all about the episode in an interview featured in Saturday's Wall Street Journal. Rindfleisch was ultimately convicted of a felony for campaigning for Lt. Governor candidate Brett Davis on County time. Some of the key points from the Journal's piece:

  • In executing a search warrant prosecutors took her cell phone and lkept her in her office against her will.
  • Rindfleisch claims she was given a promise of immunity if she cooperated in prosecutors' quest to find something with which to charge Walker. When she could give them nothing, she claims she was charged with four felonies.
  • The Journal piece also points out how unusual felony charges are in this type of case and then lengths to which Assistant Milwaukee County DA Bruce Landgraff went to nail Rindfleisch to the wall
  • Rindfleisch says she asked Phil Prange, a friend and fundraiser for former Gov. Tommy Thompson, for help with a legal defense fund, but prosecutors heard about it and called to ask him about it. After that, there was no more help

The piece also points out that neither Walker nor former Rindfliesch colleauges have spoken out on her behalf. The piece paints the picture of overzealous prosecutors pushing Rindfleisch as hard as they could to get to their real target; Scott Walker. Rindfleisch was collateral damage. And she's still in the crosshairs.