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Bait and Switch?

by Jerry Bader

Full disclosure; my last experience flying Delta was miserable. I filled out a customer survey with plenty of comments on my experience and haven't heard anything. I also realize the entire U.S. air traffic system has issues hardly isolated to a single airline, but yes, I was particularly frustrated with Delta. Trying to set personal bias aside,I think the author makes a valid point here. How can you ever justify changing a price mid transaction? What purchasing decision isn't based in part, large or small, on the price of the product??? I don't know if this is bait and switch, I think it's closer to fraud.

In bait and switch you advertise a product to lure customers into the store, claim you're out of that product and the push a higher price product. I would argue this is misrepresentation of the price you thought you were paying. And it would be polite to say Delta's answer to him was lame.