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An "Insider's" Take on the Miami Dolphins Bullying Controversy

by Jerry Bader

I put "insider" in quotes because I don't know if Murtha qualifies for that title  at least not when it comes to knowing the dynamic between Martin and Incognito. He was there for one preseason when both players were there. Given that, he may be overstating an inside knowledge into their relationship. And he says he's not taking sides but stating fact and then goes on to clearly take Incognito's side.

That said, he does have an insider's take on what goes on in the locker room and elsewhere between NFL players. He seems to feel Martin simply couldn't take what is routine treatment in the NFL. And that might be true, but...Murtha definitely downplays some of Incognito's behavior. As one who has the race card played against him constantly by the loony left, I try not too judge too quickly. But how can you NOT judge Incognito by the now infamous voice mail and his past behavior? However you feel about Martin going public and whether he should have just "manned up," Incognito's behavior certainly seemed to cross a line here.