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Administration Shelves Key Obamacare Component Until After 2014 Mid-terms

by Jerry Bader

This is a stunning development. There had been no hint of this and the only way to read it is the administration feels it needs to delay the impact of Obamacare until after the mid-terms. And for it to be announced by Treasury indicates the White House wanted to make this announcement appear mundane. Fat chance. It'll be interesting to see if companies that cut part-timers to 28 hours and in some cases 25 (including my company) will now be able to put them back to at or near 30.

The "give business more time to adapt" is literally laughable. The administration finally figured out that this roll out was going to be a train wreck and they didn't want it lying on the tracks in November, 2014. Republicans must be relentless on this; they need to convince the country that the White House knows Obamacare won't be as advertised so they're going to delay implementation of a key element until 2015, so the mid-terms can't be used as a referendum on a disastrous rollout