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Act 10? What's That????

by Jerry Bader

There is no question why Scott Walker is the polarizing figure he is in Wisconsin; it's Act 10. It's why the left doesn't just want to defeat him, they have a visceral hatred of him. So their abject fear of discussing the public union reform legislation in an election year two years after they attempted to recall him over it shows just how phony they are.

If they thought 50.0001% of Wisconsin agreed with them on Act 10 they'd make it the signature issue of the race, the same way Walker made it his signature issue after taking office in 2011. This is actually one of Bauer's fairer pieces when it comes to Walker, but even here he misstates when he says both sides are shying away from the topic. Walker is still proud to tout the legislation.

For unions this is still about revenge. And it has to be frustrating not to be able to scream that from the rooftops. And be clear that if Burke wins they fully expect Act 10 to be undone, if she ever had the legislature on her side to do it.

The mantra after Walker's recall win was that voters didn't like the idea of ousting him mid-term. I still question whether that was true then. But what's true now is both sides know Act 10 is a winner for Walker and a loser for Burke and Democrats. Burke needs to be pressed on whether she would attempt to undo the law. Most know she would. But she needs to be put on the record.