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A Tale of Two Texans

by Jerry Bader

This is the entire abortion debate in two essays.The first is a woman celebrating her mother's abortion 41 years ago. She beams with pride over her mother's decision to end the life of her brother or sister, never considering, it seems, that her mother could have made the same decision about her. But the Rick Perry experience tells us it's poor form to bring up that inconvenient point.

The second piece is presented as a direct rebuttal to the first piece. Make sure to read the Times piece first. I didn't. After you read the second piece, think how incredibly selfish the first piece sounds. Merfish is sure she's making her parents sound so responsible; they knew they weren't ready for parenthood so they did what she sees as the right thing; terminating the pregnancy. And yes, she makes her mother sound so brave. Then read French's piece; a young woman obviously of far lesser privilege than Merfish's mother made tremendous sacrifice to bring to term a baby that would not be hers. And beyond convenience it seems Merfish's mother was as concerned about being accepted in upper crust society as she was anything else. Such bravery. How noble.

I'm sure Merfish would simply dismiss this as each woman making their own choice. True enough. But she will probably never see how selfish her mother's choice was and how selfless French's mother's choice was. This probably won't change any pro-abortion minds. But you would hope that it makes them feel at least a tinge of shame for celebrating death as something noble and heroic.