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A Non-Shocking, Shocking Revelation from Harry Reid

by Jerry Bader

That Obamacare is essentially a bridge loan to a government run single-payer system. Ah, how quickly they forget. Liberals denied, as full throated as a 63 Corvette Stingray roaring down the highway, that the ACA WAS NOT a step toward a single-payer system. It wasn't a government takeover of the health care system and it wouldn't lead to one.

Yes, a handful of liberals admitted that ACA was all they could get, for now...but most screamed adamant denials from the mountaintop. Now we get "of course." I and other conservatives predicted that the unworkable Obamacare would create the opportunity for liberals to say; "well it doesn't work because we didn't go far enough." I actually thought they'd let it fail before they played that card.