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$700 Dollar Per Hour Minimum Wage

by Jerry Bader

Shared with me by one of my nephews. I found it entertaining, so I thought I'd share it with you:

Hi Jerry,

How about $700/hr minimum wage?      I'm all for it!     Let me explain why...

... at $700/hr,  everyone would lose their job tomorrow (at least I'm pretty sure about that... maybe a few people would still have jobs?),  so everyone would become independent contractors.   Want money?  Go sell your service or product to someone!

Laws are annoying?   Well not for long!   Now the everday Joe has to work under those laws that business owners do every day as individuals.   Politicians would have big time trouble if they made red tape.

Public employees?    Not unless they are absolutely needed!   How can even a simple teacher be paid for as an employee??!!   Every service would be contracted out by government if at all possible, and contracts would be air tight (as that is where the battle would then go for money... who can get the better contract to make the most money).

So I say... lets do a $700/hr minimum wage today!      We can fix Wisconsin in a matter of weeks!

And the best part?   ... Liberals won't even see it coming, because they think they are worth that, even if they are just picking their nose all day long.  LOL