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The Hope For Our Children

by Nick Vitrano

A sick daughter called me away mid-show today. And though Bunny and a Curious George show have aided in providing some psychological relief, her greatest source of comfort has proven to be her GB Phoenix #1 jersey.  Currently napping, it was not allowed to be removed from her person.  

Not even illness can derail Phoenix Fanaticism!  

The city of Green Bay is blessed to have a Division I hoops team in it's backyard, but the truth is that it's been a while since the team the community supports has put forth a product with this degree of damage potential.  This year's squad is a legitimate at-large selection should they not win the Horizon League Tournament, and should they make the field of 68, no matter how, the Phoenix are capable of wearing the glass slipper.  Yeah, they're that talented...and that deep.  I'm not talking about a National Championship here, but GB is a match-up nightmare for any opponent, and they are more than capable of winning some games in the dance.  

It's been a blast to be a part of this great run for this team.  A regular season title we hope will translate to a Conference Tournament title by next Tuesday night, leaving the selection committee only with dialogue over which seed they ought to receive, not if they belong.  Selfishly I want so badly for them to make it.  But more than that, I want for kids like my daughter to be able to have the joy of winning.  Winning doesn't come often, but for a select few.  And even for those who find fortune more often than not, it doesn't come easily. 

Our kids tend to align their rooting interests with those of their folks.  It's just natural.  At this stage of my life and my fanaticism, my perspective has shifted.  My biggest hope for the teams that I love...those my daughter is certain to love..is that they provide a decent foundation upon which my children can build their love - for too many of us know the pain of resentment that our fathers roped us into being fans of the "fill-in-the-blanks."  :)       

Go get 'em GB!  Unfortunately it looks as though my daughter will be with you only in spirit tomorrow night...unless a miracle takes place.