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This Stadium Clock is Purposely Set 15 Minutes Ahead :: Which Stadium is It?

by Paul Heling

This clock is set 15 minutes ahead and according to the team, no one noticed. 

What stadium is this clock on?  See below...







It's Lambeau Field... the Bellin Health Gate facing Lombardi Avenue specifically.  Mark Murphy told the Packers shareholders about the clock yesterday when discussing the stadium improvements.  He said the team purposely set it to Lombardi time  (15 minutes ahead), then purposely told no one to see if it would get a reaction on it's own. 

As Murphy tells it, a day went by and nothing.  A week went by and nothing.  Six months went by and no one contacted the Packers about it.  No reporters asked about it.  He joked that maybe people thought the team couldn't figure out how to set a clock and left it at that. 

Now you know you aren't as late as you think when driving down Lombardi Avenue.