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Fantasy Football Advice From An Almost Champion

by Joe

Greetings! The best (and worst) time of year is almost upon us: Fantasy Football season! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten super excited for a FFB league and by Week 6 I’m over it because all of my players are injured. Last year was the first year I did any less than four leagues and I was only involved in two. In one of them I made it to the championship game after coming in as the 4th seed in the playoffs only to lose by THREE points! Needless to say I demanded a recount on the score to no avail. I’ve never won a Fantasy Football Championship and that’s the closest that I’ve ever come, so that’s why this column is called “Fantasy Advice From An Almost Champion”.

I’ll be doing this weekly once the season starts and some podcasts will be involved as well. Many leagues are approaching their draft day so I’m sure you’ve been looking over last year’s roster and seeing what you could do to improve this year. The main goal is to not draft a WR too high and don’t worry if someone else does; just stick to your draft board and you’ll be fine.

For draft day, your main focus should be QB/RB in the first couple of rounds. If you build your team around a RB such as Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster then you should be set. Let’s say you don’t have the first two picks though; what do you do? This is where you have the option to draft a QB like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers. You can grab one of those QB’s and then fill the RB slot with someone like Steven Jackson, Jamaal Charles, or Matt Forte (who is a plus because he gets quite a few receptions). Another thing to watch for is the dual threat QB’s: Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, RG3, etc. Those guys may get hurt due to how they play but they could also throw up 50 points in a game. It’s a catch-22 with them, so draft smart.

Don’t let some knucklehead who doesn’t know how to draft scare you when he picks Calvin Johnson with the first pick (this happened in a league I was in last year and we all laughed at him in our chat). Stay with your game plan and if someone picks a player you drafted, just make sure you have a backup plan for that pick.

Finally, make a cool name! I’m tired of playing people with “Team (your last name)” every week! Be creative and have some fun. My team name's this year: Adrian Peterson’s Adamantium Knee (football AND X-Men reference) and Kaep’n Cook (Breaking Bad reference). With all of that said, here’s to some good luck this season and hopefully you won’t be cussing me out by Week 2 for telling you to pick up someone from the waiver wire.

Just Plain Joe is a lifelong Atlanta Braves, Orlando Magic, Dallas Cowboys, and Michigan State Spartans fan. Follow him on Twitter @MixFMJoeShow and catch him weekdays from 3p-8p on 100.7 MixFM.