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What will you do about athletes today?

by Jason Miller

So it's one of those things that when you start thinking about you can't really come up with a great solution.  What am I talking about...How do you explain to your son's or daughter's what happened with Ryan Braun?  I have done everything to ignore the conversation.  My oldest is a huge fan, has a plaque of Braun's MVP year, Jersey, you know the whole gamete.  My youngest son thinks Braun is the best cause of his big brother and Dad.  My daughter likes him for the same reason my wife did, they think he's cute.  Whatever, I just say join the club of women who think the same.  I am getting tired of explaining to my kids why someone or something is NOT going to be okay to watch or read because they are a cheater and a liar.  I can't keep doing this to them and myself.  Do I go old school and just get guys who we know are clean and they use to play for the team I support?  Do I tell my kids not to look up to anyone in the public eye because they are not real?  

So, I tell my son’s, find it within your selves to want to be the best, and don’t look to anyone for guidance except for family and friends.  I don’t know what else to do anymore.  I am so tired of having more questions than answers when it comes to our “hero’s” in sports or TV.  I long for the days of a Don Beebe, Desmond Howard, John Dorsey, Gilbert Brown and I guess the list goes on and on but damn it I and others get caught up in the moment, we buy and support the “sexy” player rather than the guy who just goes out there, brings his lunch box, and just flat out does his job every day.  I think things will change when we stop doing this.  A colleague at work sent this to me  and I thought, WOW, here in lies the problem.  We need to stop glorifying before we know the whole.  It will be hard, but if we want to make real changes then this is what we have to do.  We have to hold out and not support just one player, we have to just support the team.  I want a USA soccer jersey, no name just a jersey.  If I want to support the Brewers, it’s just going to be a Brewer’s shirt or jacket and the same with the Packers. 

So what do you do with what you have?  Great question if I do say so myself…keep it and hope for the best.  Donate it to a charity.  Try to sell it...good luck with that one.  Or the one I am going to use on my Brauny keeping it clean T-Shirt…burn the SOB and put it on Youtube. 

Good luck with your battles when it comes to this issue.  Till we have an athlete we can actually support, watch for the Brauny shirt getting burned, because fan is disgruntled on a Youtube channel near you.