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Well...Well...Well...look at who they hired

by Jason Miller

I wrote specifically earlier about how I thought Larry Drew was a bad idea.  I thought someone like a Van Gundy would fit this team perfectly and show the fans that they are committed to winning.  FFFFFFFTTTTT what do I know?  Nothing I guess.  Because the Senator signed the deal to give the head coaching job of the Milwaukee Bucks to Larry Drew.  Is this guy a winner, I guess if you want to make the first round and get bounced.  Oh wait where have I heard that one before?  SCOTT SKILES, that's where.  Larry Drew will make the players better because of his message and the way the delivers it.  Great so we got a guy who will stroke the best players on the team and ignore the ones who are just busting their rear-ends just to make the team.  Sounds like I could have done that.  

Let's see where did him being a great leader get Joe Johnson...Brooklyn.  The best player on the team gets traded from the Hawks and Larry Drew for Jay-Z...but then again, after I think about it who wouldn't?  I have said this a couple of times and I will continue to say it until it happens.  Make real moves so the fans get excited and they will come.  I will take a line from a very famous movie....If you build it he will come.  Herb, if you build it we will come should be the slogan for the Milwaukee Bucks fans.  

Joke I am telling you.  However, if I am wrong which does happens, I will apologize and maybe even call to see if I can get an interview with the coach and let him know of skepticism.  Let him know that I think they need to worry more about the little things rather than the big things.  You can't become World Champs without getting to the tournament.  Do I want them to make the Eastern Conference finals every year...No, but I do want the a first round win and a second round and maybe Conference finals every now and then.  Right now I get NONE OF THAT!

Larry Drew, please, please, please, worry about the small things before you start worrying about the big things.

Whew, that was a great session, next time....Brewers bashing.