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NCAA = National Collegiate Asshat Association

by Jim McKinney

I have seen the NCAA make decisions that Solomon would shake his head at...but this latest one tops them all.  A West Coast Conference women's golfer has been penalized for...gasp...using university water to wash her car.  Take a moment to let that soak in...so to speak...the NCAA apparently has rules that govern the use of on-campus water to clean one's vehicle.  The main issue?  According to the NCAA, the hose and water are not available to other students; therefore, it is deemed a violation of da rules.  And...in an act of incredible accounting...this "organization" determined that the athlete must reimburse her school $20 for the event.  I was in the Army for 7 years...we would joke that the Pentagon was the monument to man's stupidity.  Congratulations to those of you in the five-sided military borg...Mark Emmert and his car wash monitors have taken away the honor...and it lives now in Indianapolis, Indiana.