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The Last Time the Packers Played in Cincy; The Ball Thief

by Jon Henseler

I couldn't go into Packer/Bengal weekend without throwing this video up. Without question one of the more bizarre situations I've ever seen at the end of the game. I think this was 2005? Anyway I wasn't a degenerate yet so I didn't try to see conspiracy theories in every single call and play, but looking at this retroactively this guy 1,000% had money on this game. Like I have no idea what the actual line on this game was but at the same time I can tell you it was either Bengals -6.5 and the over/under on total points was probably 43. Just taking matters into his own hands and I can't hate on that for a second. Plus he throws probably the most vicious stiff arm I've seen in a while and makes two guards look like they're in a Benny Hill episode*. See in 2005 I just thought he was some psychopath. After years of gambling I see that he's a psychopath with a purpose. Big difference.

Oh and the Packers cover in a big way. 35-21.

PS: Another thing about 2005 Jon? He thought this was a flat out TRAVESTY. Oh 20 year old Jon. LIttle do you know what's coming. Fail Mary, ASU knee job, etc. Makes this look like child's play.

Double PS: If you didn't laugh at 'Ball Sacked' that's all I need to know about you as a person.