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Ryan Braun Calling Season Ticket Holders to Apologize

by Jon Henseler

(yeah this video doesn't have anything to do with Ryan Braun or the Brewers but at the same time it totally does)

So the latest in the Ryan Braun Redemption story is that he is calling individual season ticket holders to apologize for the whole 'I used PED's, lied about it and got suspended' thing. Honest to God I'm so over this story that I don't think I even care but it's Friday and I needed something to blog about while I assess the damage Peyton Manning did in my various fantasy match-ups last night so here you go. I think ultimately what needs to happen for Braunie is to do a Q&A with the media and have it be no holds barred but he's too smart to do that. Chances are we'll get the standard 'I'm just looking to the future blah blah blah' stuff when the media finally gets to him at spring training. Gospel according to Mark McGwire. Either way this is a nice gesture I guess. A nicer gesture would be to hit .330 with 35 bombs and 120 RBI while leading us to a World Series next year. Plus in terms of 'Brewers who I feel owe me an apology' I don't think Braun is even top 5. Sal Bando, Jeff Suppan, Wendy Selig Prieb and Shaun Marcum all probably come before him.

That being said I've already accepted calls from 3 creditors and 2 bookies on accident today because I didn't know the number and didn't want to risk missing a call from Braun. 

PS: I need a Watergate style tape of Braun calling Front Row Amy and I needed it yesterday. 

Double PS: As expected his Graffito restaurant is dunzo at the end of this year too. Cue the Taffer! SHUT IT DOWN!