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Packers end in tie for the first time since 1987.

by Jon Henseler

Well I don't think anything sums up yesterday better than this video from :42-:57. Just perfect. Like a tie? We're talking about a tie? Not a win, not a win, not a lose, but a tie? I honestly have no idea to feel about this situation. Like I guess we didn't lose? And we picked up a half game because Detroit is  Detroiting the hell out of their November/December per usual and the Bears' defense is putting up as much resistance as my hairline so I guess we're still okay? I dunno. Apart of me wants to say I'd rather lose. Just a weird feeling to not have a definitive conclusion. Sort of like fooling around after you've had too much to drink. (sorry about that analogy Mom)

- What a weird stretch for Scott Tolzien. Guy went from being named the starter 31 seconds after his performance against Philly to being benched in the 3rd quarter 2 weeks later. At least he scored a touchdown and got to do a Lambeau Leap. So if we did one thing this season we at least gave 12 year old Scotty Tolzien his Make-A-Wish.

- With that said, Matt Flynn absolutely has to be your starter on Thursday. The team just looked more confident with him out there yesterday. And the crowd was in FULL support of that move. Place sounded like a WWF arena when Stone Cold came out back in the '90's. I hope Larrivee got his Jim Ross on. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY IT'S FLYNN! BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!

- Our defense is so weird from drive to drive it's hard to figure out. 6 sacks is great but our rush defense is so spotty. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it looks like the other team has the difficulty on 'rookie.' And AJ Hawk is a microcosm of the whole thing. Certain drives he looks all world, some drives he's so awful I feel like Ivan Drago when Apollo is laid out. If he dies he dies .

- Most solid all around player not named Eddie Lacy yesterday: Tim Masthay.

- Most annoying part of yesterday was watching Toby Gerhart tune our defense up for 11.4 yards per carry. Like AP I can deal with. Dude's a legit MVP/HOFer. You expect him to get his. But Gerhart's runs are what killed us. It's like losing to a Goomba and not Bowser.

- Love that Andrew Quarless had no idea you could tie. I'm sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that.

So all in all I guess we're still in the race? Just feels to empty when it ends like this. Borderline Un-American. It's like going to the casino and walking out at even. I either want big money or depression drinking. Either way if we can gut one out in Detroit maybe Rodgers is back the week after? Seriously Aaron if Call of Duty taught us anything it's that you just need to go hide somewhere for 10-15 seconds and you should be fine. Everyone knows that. 

PS: On our 4th QB in 3 weeks and still with a fighting chance. Still can't help but feel like this at the moment: