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New Badger alternative helmet, yay or nay?

by Jon Henseler

I've gotta admit, normally I'm not on board with all the college football uniform changes. Actually I'm a German man so I'm pretty much not on board with any kind of change but I've got to say, I'm digging these. It doesn't mess with the original graphic and it sticks with the Alizarin Crimson and Titanium White colors. I'd give it an A+ but then I forgot there's an A++.

PS: Gary Anderson really dragging this QB thing out huh? Like we're at the 1 week mark here and still no decision. Gotta say I'm kinda rooting for Phillips because he's basically a real life Matt Christopher story but at the end of the day, Joel Sunshine Stave has got to be the pick right? I think thought that this is the first ever QB battle that I can remember at Wisconsin. I think when Ron Dayne was running in his prime we could have held a 'Quaterback for the day' promotion and snatched a random fan from the crowd to hand him the ball 45 times a game. Hell I'm 91% sure that's how Mike Samuel became a Rose Bowl winning quarterback.