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Cats Save Pregnant Woman's Life

by Ben Olson

British woman and her daughter are alive today thanks to her two favorite felines. Last November,Elaine Hilton, who was 40 weeks pregnant, turned the heat on at her home and settled in to watch some TV, when all of a sudden she began feeling “funny and light-headed.”  She told The Mail, “I assumed it was caused by my pregnancy so I was planning to have a nap on the sofa.” But suddenly, her two cats, three-year-olds Tinker and Bell, started crying loudly,  hid under the sofa and collapsed. Because their pets never acted this way before, Elaine and her then-partner Geoff Lilly started to worry, so they called the fire department, and took the cats outside as they waited for help.  When firefighters arrived, they took readings inside the house and discovered high levels of carbon monoxide, caused by soot that had been blocking the heater’s air vent.  Elaine was rushed to the hospital out of fear the gas may have harmed her unborn child, but doctors said they wouldn’t know until she gave birth whether the child had been affected. Luckily, her daughter,Amber-Louise, was absolutely fine. “She was healthy and she's been fine ever since,” said Elaine. “It could have been a lot worse. Both of us are so lucky to be here.” And the cats are fine, too, and have been spoiled ever since. Elaine is now helping to raise awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning, which is called the “silent killer” since the gas has no taste or odor. She is pushing people to purchase a carbon monoxide detector for less than $25, explaining, “that’s all it costs and it’s worth spending the money. It could save your life one day.” And it couldn’t hurt to get a few cats as well.