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by David Kuharski

In our previous adventures of the Kuharski Family (cue the super hero music) I've told you about my wife's grandpa and his visits.  Well, G-G lives with us now!  And the arrangement is working awesome, praise GOD!  He's already helped me with little projects around the house and he's plays with the kids and read books to them.  Considering where he was a couple of months ago, alone many days at a senior apartment complex (family tried as hard as they could to see him regularly, but there were days where he was alone for several hours), to being with us, where there is activity and kids and adults 24/7. 

Another benefit from having a WWII veteran and member of the Greatest Generation in the house?  He's a heck of a history teacher.  I walked in to the house from a day at work to see my oldest son Caleb working with G-G on his history class work.  Yup, very cool