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A Great Lesson For Christmas

by Mark Evans

On Wednesday of this week, we here at Midwest Communications - Duluth hosted a toy and gift drive for The Boys and Girls Club of The Northland.  And once again, it was a resounding success thanks to our awesome listeners.  But this opportunity also provided something at the homefront that I think we can all learn from.  A lesson in giving.

My fiance' has a four year old son, and we're trying to teach him some of the lessons of life.  Like the lesson of giving to people who my otherwise have to do without.  Now remember - he's FOUR!! 

We went to the store on Tuesday and went straight to the toy department explaining that yes we were buying toys, but that they were for other kids and not him.  We talked about the fact that some little boys and girls just don't have toys because maybe their parents lost their job, or whatever reason for there being no money for toys and games.

He understood finally, and was one of the first at the event with a bag of toys and gifts for other kids.

Lesson learned......

Oh, and we had cheerleaders too.....which didn't hurt!