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Claymaker won't bite back

by Mark Daniels

The hit was admittedly late, the fight was just part of the play but Clay Matthews will have none of the pointed rhetoric that came out of San Francisco after last Sunday's game.  Matthews was flagged for his out of bounds tackle of Colin Kaepernick, drew an offsetting flag by scraping with Joe Staley who raced to defend his quarterback.  It should have ended right there but 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh called the play a cheap shot, a clothesline job.  He also ridiculed Matthews for "a slap" instead of a knuckles first fight with his guy.   Harbaugh also said a player with a tough guy image, might have some image repair to do if that's the way he brawls.  It all got chuckles in San Francisco.  It was gritted teeth back in Green Bay.  After practice today, we finally had a chance to ask Clay's reaction to the 49er's head jerk, and whether or not the commish had come calling.  I'll give Clay credit.....he didn't bite back:

Audio: Clay Matthews

As for practice itself, there was only slightly more optimistic medical news.  Morgan Burnett worked on a limited basis with his healing hamstring.  I spoke with Morgan after the work and he told me it is getting better but a hamstring injury is on that has to be completely right before it's right.  You have to trust the trainers and be diligent about the rehab.  Josh Sitton's back is loosening up, he also worked on a limited basis, as did Jermichael Finley who, like Sitton, sat out Wednesday's practice. Finley hopes his bent toes straighten out by Sunday.  Nick Perry was still limited working through a neck stinger and Jarrett Bush showed up on today's injury list with a hamstring pull Wednesday that kept him limited.   Casey Hayward has already been ruled out for the second straight week.  Coming Friday, a preview of Sunday's matchup with the Washington Redskins.