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You do WHAT while you do this???

by Laura Bradshaw

Ok- this is just weird.  i ran across this fact and I thought first of all- why??  Cuz you can??  And secondly, why are you admitting to it??  What's the point.  

Not only that, but I wanna know how I can get a side job conducting these crazy polls.  HA!  

Here is today's "fun fact"... from Women's Health.  

This is from a poll conducted by PayPal....  

 11 percent of Americans say they prefer to be in their birthday suit (in other words NAKIE) when they are shopping online.

Some other facts:

  • 30 percent of people like to online shop in their PJs.
  • 15 percent like to drink alcohol while they are doing their online purchasing. (well- a glass of wine may make some sense).
  • (WomensHealth)