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And finally today....

by Otto Man

As usual, Otto’s comments in bold…

A Virginia man died when his trailer full of fireworks exploded. Cops found 18 bags of fireworks inside that had been ordered online and shipped to his trailer. They think he may have been using them to make his own homemade fireworks for the family's 4th of July celebration. The single-wide trailer had extensive explosive damage on one side and the man didn't survive the blast. More

Tis the season for fireworks related hilarity. Just remember this important safety tip this holiday weekend folks: when someone says “I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” or “THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!” do yourself a favor, and get behind something sturdy…


A fella from Salem, WI is under fire for pulling a 9-year-old child's tooth out-- while he was drunk. A mom and her son were sitting outside a restaurant when the man rolled up and asked the kid what was wrong with his tooth. The child flashed his loose tooth and the man flicked it out. His mom rushed him inside after his mouth filled with blood. The man told the cops he had permission to pull the tooth, and that his father and grandfather were dentists so he "knew what he was doing." He had a BAC of .20 and his girlfriend said he does "stupid" things when he's drunk. More

Along the same lines of “I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” is “MY DAD WAS A (insert job X here)”… when you hear that, just move out of the way.

A security supervisor at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport accidentally emailed a nude picture to his coworkers. The picture of him nude from the waist down was accidentally included in an email that also had pictures of a fender bender in the airport's parking lot. The email was sent from the man's BlackBerry and was sent to about 20 coworkers, including two vice presidents and a pair of New York Port Authority supervisors. He tried to get out of it by sending an email apologizing for the mistake. But soon after the email went out, he was fired. More

Again… I ask the important question: WHY DOES EVERYONE SEEM TO HAVE NUDE PICTURES OF THEMSELVES? I mean, I understand having photos of other people naked on your phone, it’s odd I grant you, but I understand it. But yourself? Just… why?

Customers at a Taco Bell in Kentwood, MI got quite a surprise when their food order got screwed up and they ended up with a big wad of cash, instead. Three young people came through, made their order, and took off with their food.  When they opened their bags a few miles down the road they found cash. A lot of cash. $3,600 to be exact. They briefly thought about keeping it but they knew someone could lose their job over it so they drove back and handed the cash over. The woman working at Taco Bell started crying when they brought the money back to her. This isn't the first time it's happened… it's store policy to keep their deposits in the same bags that are used for takeout orders. More

See this is why you should usually check the bag before you leave the window… BTW this isn’t the 1st time I’ve heard a story like this from a Taco Bell. So apparently that’s the national store policy, so apparently stopping at a Taco Bell around closing time is the new lottery ticket!

A new exit sign Florida Department of Transportation was going to install on Interstate 95 came featured Florida misspelled ... TWICE. Turns out the sign manufacturer in Arkansas didn't have spellcheck. The company is fixing everything for free. More

(Photo courtesy First Coast News)

OH FLOR… oh wait OH ARKANSAS! (though really at this point, they've screwed it up twice, if they do it a 3rd time, just get a refund and find someone else...)

And finally today… An IT worker in China made a huge mistake when the porn he was watching at work ended up being sent to a giant outdoor TV screen. Folks waiting for trains were stunned when the skin flick showed up on the big screen, which is normally used to show commercials. The X-rated movie played for 10 minutes before someone pulled the plug. The tech had hooked his laptop up to the screen to fix a fault but forgot to disconnect the cable. Cops have questioned the man but haven't charged him with anything. More

“Man… I have no idea what their trying to sell me here, but I’M IN!”