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What sounds of the season have I been missing?

by Susan Fenrich

At this time of the year if you have a hearing loss there is so much that you could be missing.

Did you know that when you see the Salvation Army bell ringers, their bells ring very loudly? Do you answer them when they thank you for your contribution? If you didn't you've missed these sounds of the season.

Can you hear the wind howling in the night when a blizzard is going on outside? Can you hear the sound of the snow plows moving down the street? Can you hear the noise the plow makes when it is backing up? If you cant, you've missed the sounds of the season.

Did you miss the silly chatter of your kids and grandkids gathered in your living room as they play with their new toys? Do you answer them when they say thanks and give you a big hug? If you don't, you've missed sounds of the season.

Did you finish your holiday meal and sit quietly because you couldn't understand what your family was saying? Does your response match the conversation? If not you've missed sounds of the season.

Did you go to a Christmas Concert with music like this or a sing- a-long and missed portions of the program because you couldn't hear? Did you ask what the master of ceremonies said? If so you've missed sounds of the season.

Did you go to your place of worship and not hear or understand the sermon or announcements? Did you need to ask someone what hymn will be next? If you cant hear in the church service you've missed sounds of the season.

Did you gather with friends in a local restaurant and not distinguish conversation from the background noise? Did you realize that you called someone by the wrong name because you couldn't distinguish what was being said? If so you've missed sounds of the season.

Did you hear the crackling of the fire in the fireplace? Did you miss the whistle of the teakettle heating the water for a cup of hot chocolate? Do you hear the furnace kick-in? If you didn't, then you've missed the sounds of season.

Could you hear the carolers when they stopped by to bring you some cheer? Could you hear the choir sing the Handel's Messiah? If you couldn't, than you have missed the sounds of the season.

So how many sounds of the season did you miss? Isnt it a shame how much wonderful Christmas experience you're not a part of if you cant hear properly? How about giving yourself a great gift this Christmas; the gift of hearing . You could be hearing much better before then. A new pair of hearing instruments coupled with an excellent service plan is truly a gift that keeps on giving to everyone.

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