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New Hearing Aids-Is It Time?

by Susan Fenrich

I have been so frustrated hearing during all these family gatherings. My hearing aids are 10 years old; do you think new hearing aids would improve the situation?

New hearing aids should definitely improve your listening situation. It is amazing to me that 10 year old hearing aids are still working. Chances are the hearing aids are no longer working up to the original specifications due to normal wear and tear caused by body oils, ear wax, moisture, and handling. The average life of a hearing aid is about 5 years. The reasons I say this are:

  1. After five years a persons hearing has probably declined and the hearings aids are no longer adequate for the hearing loss.
  2. Since ears never stop growing the hearing aids no longer fit well and may be causing feedback (whistling) when they are turned up to hear properly.
  3. After 5 years the cost of hearing aid repairs goes up significantly, and some manufacturers wont even repair them.
  4. The hearing aid circuitry may no longer be made.
  5. In five years time there have been significant improvements in hearing aid technology. Today's wireless digital hearing aids allow for connectivity to media devices as cell phones, and TVs as well as a miniature microphone that can be placed on a person to hear them sound right in the hearing aids. In addition, the best hearing aids communicate to each other allowing for better processing of sound especially in noise. These new features can really help in a situation where you are gathered with family and friends this holiday season. You will also find some new styles since you purchased your last hearing aids. You may even be able to wear hearing aids that are almost invisible and don't make you feel stuffed up when you wear them.

With all these things in mind it is easy to understand why new hearing aids would improve your listening situation. First you need to schedule a hearing screening. You may find this service offered FREE of charge at your local hearing aid provider . Once you have your hearing screened your provider can determine whether a more comprehensive hearing test is needed and which new hearing aid technology will best suit your current hearing needs.

There couldn't be a better time to make a resolution to improve your hearing and start 2014 with a brand new lease on life.

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