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Loss Of Hearing Doesn't Mean Loss Of LIVING!

by Susan Fenrich

We've all heard stories of people that have overcome serious disabilities and gone on to lead fulfilling and productive lives in spite of them. Hearing loss presents a particularly difficult set of problems. Imagine trying to perform your job or excel at your chosen profession without your sense of hearing. There are those that have and following are just a few.

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For NFL RB Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks who is legally deaf and has been since the age of three, hearing loss hasn't slowed him up a bit. In an article on the website of the Seattle Times staff writer Bob Condatta outlines how Derrick excelled at his positions while trying out for the team. And another story by Seahawks.com writer Clare Farnsworth reports how Derrick won a starting position for their season opener against the Carolina Panthers. There's a young man who hasn't allowed a hearing loss to have a negative impact on his life, hes even managed to use it to his advantage.

Some excellent reports of people not only overcoming hearing loss but excelling in spite of it can be found in the latest issue of Sound Advice the magazine from Oticon, one of the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers. You will read about a young girl and her violin, a retired speech therapist and his flute, and a rock band drummer and their love of music. There is another story about a retired physician who had to learn early in his practice and through his little girl that with respect to his hearing he was the patient. Be sure to read these uplifting accounts.

I can also say from personal experience that finally admitting at one stage of my life that I needed hearing help resulted in a life that was far less difficult than it would have been without it.

Hearing loss is a form of adversity that can be hard to accept but it doesn't have to be devastating. If that's you rest assured there's much that can be done today to alleviate the effects of hearing loss and permit people to still live full, productive lives. Through the use of hearing aids and assistive listening devices tasks that were once very difficult can become easier. Why not look into it.

Written by James D Silvis

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