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Do you have a colicky baby?

by Nikki Montgomery


One of the things new parents dread is having a colicky baby. We love our children, but when you can't get them to stop crying it wears on you. If you find yourself with a colicky baby you may want to try chiropractic. Believe it or not a chiropractor can help babies and children with all kinds of discomforts including colic.

Some parents worry that chiropractic adjustments may hurt their baby, but the pressure used to adjust an infant is no more that that used to test the ripeness of a tomato. Adjusting techniques are modified based on your child's size.

Research to support chiropractic care for colic (from Draeger Chiropractic):

COLIC - A 2008 study reported that participants cried significantly less and slept significantly more after receiving chiropractic treatments. In 2009, another study showed that colicky infants who received chiropractic care were twice as likely to sleep well and to experience fewer temper tantrums in their toddler years when compared to those who did not receive chiropractic care.

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