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Achy Knees Fix

by Christy Taylor

Nothing quite makes you feel old like achy joints just getting out of bed.

This fix is for anyone who can relate, especially if your pain is in your knees.

Relieving that pain may have NOTHING to do with the kneesits in the hips!

One reason WOMEN are so prone to knee injuries, is that our hips are wider than our knees, which puts extra pressure on them.

So, strengthening the muscles around the hips can help.

The good news, experts say there are easy exercises we can all do at home (both men and women) to reduce risk of injury and eliminate some of the pain!

Things like leg circles, single leg squats, and leg raises.

Here's 8 Great Hip Strengthening Exercises you can start today!

photo of Christy Taylor taken by Josh Otkin