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Should these food products be legal?

by Jeff Flynt

We all know about the ongoing fight to legalize raw milk for sale in Wisconsin. Many have strong opinions on that, and there are just some people who cannot be convinced to listen to the opposite side of the argument.

As a chef, I believe that diners should eat what they want and am willing to pay for.

No matter what I may feel about their decisions. For example, more folks than you would believe will order a Yellow fin or Big Eye Tuna steak and ask for it to be well done. The most often response I've heard in the kitchen when that happens is, "why don't I just open a can for you."

Nevertheless, the person is ordering it that way, so if they want to treat an $18 menu item like Star-Kist, that's on them.

But sometimes the discussion can become more problematic when you begin talking about eating horse meat, whale meat and adding marijuana to food.

Just like is talked about here.

I'm submitting this for your own discussions and would like to hear from you. For me personally, I believe all but one should be legalized for consumption. Guess which one I'm not in favor of?

(Photo credit: Roquefort cheese from Dominik Hundhammer/Creative Commons. Marijuna from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.)