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Baby Step into the Brew Pub Pt. 1

by Ryder

So your friends decided to class it up for once and skip sucking down domestic taps at your favorite dive and head for that fancy new Brew Pub. Yup, a bar where they make their own beer. 

So that means no Miller, Coors or Bud Light (GASP!).

What's a PBR lover to do? Number one tip for finding something you'll like - ASK THE BARTENDER!

No really... no one wants you to find something on tap you'll enjoy more than whomever is pouring, after all a repeat customer means repeat tips. Try and get a seat at the bar, generally your bartender is a little more experienced and knowledgeable than your server. List of a couple of beers you like, even if it's Miller High Life or Old Style. More importantly, list a couple of beers you DON'T like. If you can't handle Guinness, your bartender will know to stay away from the stouts (we'll discuss why you should rethink your stance on stouts another time).

When the bartender has made a suggestion or two and offers you a sample, TAKE IT! Most  Brew Pubs will give you a generous taste before charging you for a pint. Again, they really want you to find something you actually like. And remember, this isn't bar close at your favorite dive and a sample is not a shot of beer. Take the time to taste it. 

If you don't like the sample... DON'T BUY THAT BEER! Usually (but not always at a Brew Pub) the person pouring the beer is not the same person that brewed it. It's not like you're calling their kid ugly, you're just saying "This ones not for me, what else do ya got?" 

Repeat until you find something tasty and you're sure to survive at least one trip to the Brew Pub. Skol!