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  • Yet ANOTHER Outrageous School Story

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Here we go again. 

    Today's outrageous school story comes from Sandy Springs, Georgia.  A 14 year old autistic boy is facing terrorist charges after a sketch he made in school.

    MyFoxDC is reporting the sketch shows two stick figures.  One of them is labeled "me" and is shown shooting a gun at another with a teacher's name above it.

    Karen Finn says that her son, 8th grader Shane Finn, doesn't understand why he's in trouble.  She says her son is autistic and has the mental capacity of a 3rd grader.

    Officials at Ridgeview Charter School say the student will face a tribunal and is being charged with making terrorist threats.

    Finn says she plans to fight the charges.

  • Another Outrageous School Story

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    So yesterday I posted the story of a Texas girl who got detention for possessing a piece of candy in school.  Does this next story top that?  You make the call.

    According to, a simple art project turned controversial in Salinas, California, after a student said her drawing was deemed offensive.  What did she draw a picture of?  THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!

    Tracy Hathaway, the mother of the girl, said the art teacher at Gavilian View Middle School told her daughter she couldn't draw the American flag, calling it offensive. reports that another student's picture of President Obama, on the other hand, was praised.  Hathaway said she met with the teacher and principal at the school.  When asked what she thought was offensive about drawing the flag, the teacher didn't answer.

    The Hathaways are demanding an apology and another meeting is planned this week.  District Superintendent Mike Brusa wouldn't say if any disciplinary action has been taken, or will be taken, against the teacher.


  • Student Gets Detention For Candy

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    A 10 year old Texas third-grader has been slapped with a week's worth of detention for committing the egregious sin of possessing a piece of candy. 

    According to, a teacher confiscated the unopened Jolly Rancher, and the girl - Leighann Adair - served her detention during lunch and recess last week.  She and the girl who gave her the candy were told to also write an essay about what they did and why it was wrong.  Adair's parents are outraged, calling this an extreme punishment for something so small.

    The superintendent for the Brazos Independent School District claims the district is simply following state guidelines to limit the amount of junk food in schools.  However, according to Texas Department of Agriculture spokesperson Bryan Black, state guidelines for punishing students with junk food don't even exist.  In fact, Black said, "If a parent wants to pack candy, it's their decision.  A parent needs to decide what a student eats." Wow!  That actually sounds like common sense!!  What a concept!

    By the way, the girl's family and members of that community are planning to attend the next school board meeting to contest the school's candy policy.  The parents are also reportedly considering taking their kids out of the school district at the end of the year.


  • Coffee Lovers Rejoice! It's GOOD for you

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Remember the days when we were warned about drinking coffee?  Coffee drinking was considered a vice, the caffeine was bad for you, it may lead to sleepless nights, etc.  Well if you didn't heed all that BAD advice, you're probably healthier for it, according to a story from

    Check this out!  Scientists are now discovering that coffee contains potent antioxidants that can fight numerous ailments, including:  dementia, liver disease, heart disease, prostate cancer, gout, breast cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and colon cancer.  Oh, and it also helps morning radio guys stay awake and energized!

    Get the full story here.

    In the meantime, pour yourself another cup or two, or three or four!


  • Badger in Milwaukee Post Office

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Even though the Badger is our state animal, you rarely see them in the wild.  You also rarely see them in the post office.  But they did in Milwaukee Tuesday morning.

  • Grilling Poll

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Am I the only one crazy enough to fire up the grill regularly in the winter?

    The reason I ask is I ran across a poll in which 79% say they're "ready to light up the grill now rather than wait until Memorial Day weekend."  Six percent won't be grilling until the holiday weekend.  Who are these wimps that have to wait until Memorial Day?  I grill all year round.  I admit it's not a whole lot of fun when the wind chill is below zero, but you just run real fast into and out of the house to check on the food.  It can be done. 

    By the way, that same poll shows charcoal is king.  Nearly 60% say food made on a charcoal grill tastes better than on a gas grill.  I agree - I'm a charcoal grill guy, although I used to own a gas grill.  From a convenience standpoint, gas grills are nice.  You just turn the knob and wait for it to heat up.  But I found I couldn't walk away from the gas grill for very long or we'd end up having ashes for dinner.  So eventually I went to charcoal and plan on staying with it.

    As far as what kind of food people like to grill, hot dogs, burgers and steaks top the list.  But the poll does indicate 25% would like to perfect grilling beef roasts, while 18% would like to grill turkeys and pizza.  Sounds good, but a word of advice if you're going to try something more adventurous.  You learn how to grill these other types of food through trial and error.  Therefore, keep something else to eat on stand-by just in case.

  • Brett Favre News And Some Clarification

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    ESPN reported the following today:

    Brett Favre has been informed he requires surgery on his left ankle to play the upcoming season for the Minnesota Vikings, and the quarterback is deliberating whether to have the procedure or simply to end his 19-year NFL career by retiring.

    Favre, who would turn 41 during the 2010 season, told ESPN the ankle injury that he suffered three months ago in the NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints continues to be swollen and painful.

    That prompted tests to determine why healing had not occurred, and Favre sent the results of those scans to orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who told the quarterback his opinion that surgery is unavoidable.

    "We have spoken,'' Favre said in an e-mail. "To play again, I would need the surgery, as I suspected. This decision would be easy if not for my teammates and the fans and the entire Vikings staff. One year truly felt like 10 -- much like Green Bay for many years. That's what I was missing in my heart I suppose, a sense of belonging.''

    Favre said he must determine whether his affection for the Vikings and his belief they are capable of winning the Super Bowl overrides his disdain for surgery.

    Favre would not reveal the exact diagnosis or the prognosis on how long it would take to recover from the surgery.

    While it previously seemed Favre was almost certain to return to the Vikings, his comments Friday reveal a player who appears to be seriously conflicted.

    However, once this story broke and the talking heads began jumping to conclusions about Favre's future ( as evidenced by the final paragraph of the story above) Brett felt compelled to release more info via his website.  He stated the following:

    I want to add to the information provided in the article that was published this morning on ESPN's website.  Given the reaction to the article, and the typical conclusion jumping, I thought I'd clarify a few things.  While my ankle has been bothering me, the injury is not debilitating.  For example, I'm able to work around my property without any problems.  Sure -- certain exercises cause some ankle pain, but it's nothing that I haven't experienced (or played with) before.  In fact, many people don't realize that I injured my ankle before the NFC Championship game.  I've had surgery on this ankle twice before and I've played with the pain before.  The hits I took throughout the 2009 season, including the Saints game, just added to the ankle pain and likely caused some bone spurs.

    I don't believe major surgery on the ankle would be required for me to return in 2010.  I've consulted with Dr. Andrews on the phone, and a relatively minor procedure could be done to improve the dexterity of the ankle, and to relieve the pain.  I've put up with pain worse than this in my career, and I didn't want anyone to assume that the possibility of surgery was the sole factor that would determine whether I return or not.  Some people reacting to the ESPN story have made this assumption.  I don't blame them for doing so, given that the term "surgery" often covers a variety of procedures, some more complex than others.

    The ankle pain is a factor, but one of many factors that I'll need to consider in making my decision.  Other factors include the input of my family, and the wonderful experience that I had last year with the Vikings.






  • Bucks Mascot Dunks Off Ladder

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Even if you're not a basketball fan, you need to check this out as the Milwaukee Bucks mascot dunks off a ladder.

  • Uecker Update

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    A news conference was held this afternoon, at which more information was released regarding Milwaukee Brewer announcer Bob Uecker's health.  Here's the latest.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Uecker and let's hope for a speedy recovery.


  • He's Not Even A Wisconsinite

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Sixty-eight year old Elmer Daniels was arrested last week for driving under the influence after crashing his van into another vehicle.  Daniels tried to switch seats with his wife, but the passengers in the other car told police that Daniels was, in fact, the driver.  According to the police report, Daniels decided to keep drinking his beer while the cops completed their paperwork!  He eventually admitted to police that he actually drank nearly two beers while behind the wheel.

    And he's NOT from Wisconsin - he's actually from Florida.

  • New NFL Draft Schedule

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    The NFL Draft used to be a weekend thing.  It began Saturday morning and wrapped up Sunday afternoon.  ESPN has been covering it for years and has seen its audience increase each year.  But now  the draft will be spread out over three days, beginning on Thursday night.  For selfish reasons, I'm not a fan of this new format.  First of all, being a morning radio guy, I go to bed early because I get up at 1:30am.  Secondly, being an NFL fanatic with like-minded friends and family, we'd make a party out of the draft on Saturday.  I suspect I'm not alone in that regard.  But it is what it is and there's probably no going back.  But I had to laugh today when I saw a quote from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  He said with the new format, more people will be able to watch the draft.  Hey Roger, most people don't work weekends.  That's the time more people would be able to watch the draft - not during a weeknight.  Why can't he just be honest and say they're making the move because of money?  ESPN can charge more for advertising since the draft will be aired in primetime.  It's as simple as that.

  • Packer 2010 Schedule

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Sunday, Sept. 12, at Philadelphia (3:15 p.m.)
    Sunday, Sept. 19, Buffalo at Lambeau Field (Noon)
    Monday, Sept. 27, at Chicago Bears (7:30)
    Sunday, Oct. 3, Detroit at Lambeau Field (Noon)
    Sunday, Oct. 10, at Washington (noon)
    Sunday, Oct. 17, Miami Dolphins (Noon)
    Sunday, Oct. 24, Minnesota at Lambeau Field (7:20 p.m.)
    Sunday, Oct. 31 at New York Jets (Noon)
    Sunday, Nov. 7, Dallas at Lambeau Field (7:20 p.m.)
    Sunday, Nov. 14, Bye
    Sunday, Nov. 21 at Minnesota Vikings (Noon)
    Sunday, Nov. 28, at Atlanta Falcons (Noon)
    Sunday, Dec. 5, San Francisco at Lambeau Field (Noon)
    Sunday, Dec. 12, at Detroit (Noon)
    Sunday, Dec. 19, at New England Patriots (7:20 p.m.)
    Sunday, Dec. 26, New York Giants at Lambeau Field (3:15 p.m.)
    Sunday, Jan. 2, Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field (Noon)