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  • Weird Monday Phenomenon

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Okay, this has been going on for probably a year or more.  I've decided to blog about it, because I truly have no answer.  Perhaps someone else does.

    Every morning when I arrive at the radio station, I make coffee.  But on Mondays - and only Mondays - it's extremely weird when I make the first pot.  I pour the normal amount of water into the coffee machine to make a full pot.  But when it finishes brewing, I only have HALF a pot.  WHERE DOES THE REST OF THE WATER GO????  It has to go somewhere, doesn't it?  And after I make that first pot, it works fine from that point on...until the following Monday.

    It's weird, spooky and funny all at the same time!


  • Mark Neumann Wins

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Former congressman Mark Neumann has won.  No, not the governor's race.  I'm talking, of course, about the beer stein-holding contest. 

    Yes, believe it or not, Neumann beat three other contestants Thursday night in a stein-holding contest in Milwaukee.  With that accomplishment behind him, he advances to the national competition in New York.

    The Associated Press reports that the contest requires competitors to hold a stein full of beer with their arm fully extended.  Neumann made it about five minutes.  Neumann wound up in Thursday's regional competition by winning a local contest back in February by holding his stein nearly seven minutes.

    Neumann - in a more important contest - will be challenged for the Republican nomination by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker in the race for Wisconsin governor.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is running as a Democrat.


  • Internet Compared to Atomic Bomb

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Why don't musicians just stick to playing music?   If they're not espousing their nutty political views, they're comparing the internet to atomic weapons.  Read it here.

  • Beloit Mindset List for 2010

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    The Beloit College Mindset List for 2010 has been released.  It's compiled every year by two officials at Beloit college here in Wisconsin.  The list basically tells us of the cultural experiences of the incoming freshman class.  This year's freshman were born, for the most part, in 1992.  Before you view the list, be advised that this can also make you feel OLD!  Here's the list.

  • Elderly Man With Walker Robs Bank

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Apparently a speedy getaway isn't always necessary when you rob a bank.

    According to the Ottawa Citizen, a 75 year old man - using a walker - went into a bank, claimed he was armed and demanded money.  The bank staff surrendered a small amount of cash and the robber made his getaway. 

    Now you would think that once police were called it would take only a matter of minutes before they found the man.  After all, the guy relied on a walker to get around.  But NO!  It reportedly took 45 minutes to apprehend the guy in the same strip mall where the bank is located!  What?!

    Police spokesman Gary Godwin said the bank staff did the right thing in allowing the man to leave the bank even though they never saw a weapon.  But he makes no mention of why on earth it took three-quarters of an hour to find a guy making his getaway with the aid of a walker!  If this guy had two good legs and the ability to run (or for that matter, just walk at a normal pace),  would they have ever caught up with him?  You make the call.

  • A Study on Kids' Use of Electronic Media

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    I came across a recent study which I found astounding.  It was done by the Kaiser Family Foundation and it found that kids between the ages of 8 and 18 are now spending a whopping 53 hours a week on electronic media (cell phones, video games, TV, computers, Facebook and Twitter).  That's nearly 8 hours a day!

    Now I realize that many of us, as adults, spend a substantial amount of time with electronic media as well.  But many of us need these things for our jobs.  But kids?

    In addition, the study seemed to show a correlation between electronic media use and grades.  While 47 percent of heavy media users said their grades are typically a "C" or lower, only 23 percent of those who are less "plugged in" reported similarly poor grades.  In addition, the kids who spend more time immersed in electronic media tend to be less happy than their counterparts.

    Interesting, to say the least.  Some parents who are all too willing to buy their child a cell phone or allow them unlimited use of the computer may want to take these numbers into consideration.  I would venture to say it's much easier to say "no" to your child or closely regulate the use of these items from the beginning than to try to get them to cut back later.  Just some food for thought.

  • Back From Vacation

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    After a trip to Florida and a mini-cruise to the Bahamas, I'm back from vacation.  I was actually back to work Wednesday, but had no chance to get to my blog as it took me these past couple days to get caught up on various things. 

    The vacation was somewhat of a disappointment in that it rained nearly every day while we were in Florida.  The weather, however, was great during our 3-day cruise to the Bahamas.  But this was the first time that I've returned from a vacation to a warm-weather destination with a worse suntan than when I left Wisconsin.  Weird.

  • Asteroid Could Hit Earth

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Time for everybody to panic!  According to The Sun, based in the U.K., a giant asteroid could be on course to hit Earth, causing massive devastation.  An international team, including NASA experts, say a 560-meter wide space rock has been discovered heading this way. 

    They say the odds of it hitting Earth are about one-in-one thousand.  In cosmic terms, they say these odds are high enough for the threat to be taken extremely seriously.

    Now before you go running for the hills in a panic, I should probably mention that scientists have 172 years to work out how to deal with it. 

    That's right - it if does hit, it's not likely to do so until the year 2182.  I don't know about you, but I'm planning to be dead by then.

  • Uecker Returns!

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    I'm elated to find out that Bob Uecker will return to the Brewers broadcast booth this Friday night as the Brewers host Washington.  The announcement was made Wednesday morning.  You'll recall Uecker had heart surgery back on April 30th. 

    I must say, he's been missed.  Over the years, whether the Brewers were good or not, it was always fun to listen to a Brewer game because "Mr. Baseball" still made it enjoyable.  That has been sorely lacking since late April. 

    Remember folks, Uke is 75 and won't be around forever, so enjoy him while you can.  For the last 3 months we got a taste of what it's going to be like once Uke decides to hang it up for good.  I think I speak for many when I say I don't look forward to that day.

    By the way, you can catch Ueckers's return on WHBL Friday night with our coverage beginning at 6:35.

  • Thoughts on Mayor Ryan

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan admitted at Monday night's city council meeting that he had suffered a setback in his efforts to fight his alcoholism.  The Mayor said, "I was out in the city of Sheboygan, I was at drinking establishments and I was drinking.  I know that the rumors are swirling that I was out, and they are true.  I admit it."  The Mayor said it happened when his brother came to town recently and they went out.  He added that he's sober 99 percent of the time and it doesn't impede his ability to do his job.

    Certainly the citizens of Sheboygan are going to be talking about this in the days to come and everyone has an opinion.  But I would just like to give the Mayor some credit.  Nowadays the knee-jerk reaction by public figures is to deny.  We've seen it time and again by the likes of politicians, athletes and entertainers.  Just off the top of my head I think of Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, John Edwards and Bill Clinton.  There are countless others.  They deny, deny, deny, until the truth comes out and they're forced to admit that they did engage in the rumored activity.  They come off looking like nothing more than selfish liars and, ultimately, lose the trust and respect of virtually everyone.

    I've often said that we are a forgiving country.  If you screwed up, admit it, and people will forgive you.  And in the long run you'll be respected for coming clean.  I give kudos to Mayor Ryan for admitting he messed up.  And in the end, hopefully, he'll be successful in his fight against alcohol.