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  • Is Kobayashi Finished?

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    Here's yet another story from the wacky world of competitive eating.  It's been a rough couple of years for Takeru Kobayashi and many believe it's now the end of the line for the legendary eater.  He may actually have to get a real job now!!

    Here are the details.

  • Man On All-Potato Diet Regrets Decision

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    A guy from Washington state set out to prove that potatoes are healthy by pledging to eat nothing but potatoes for 60 days.  After reaching the halfway point, I wouldn't be surprised if he never eats potatoes again.  Check out the story here.

  • Jacksonville Church Has Message For Thief

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    So apparently air conditioners are increasingly being targeted by thieves who proceed to rip out the copper tubing and sell it at recycling centers. 

    One victim of these thefts happens to be the Normandy Park Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.  In fact the church had three air conditioning units stolen recently.

    There is now a sign in front of the church that reads:  "To whoever stole my air conditioners, you are going to need them.  Signed, God."

  • Words Express Rage of Voters

    Posted by Kelly Meyer

    A new USA Today/Gallup poll asked Americans to describe the federal government in one word or short phrase.  Check it out here.  Apparently they took out all the profane answers.