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  • How about studying the people who CREATED the workplace????

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I sent this today. What do you think?

    December 11, 2009


    State Representative Phil Montgomery

    Room 129 West

    State Capitol

    P.O. Box 8953

    Madison, WI, 53708



    Dear Phil:



    I write you not in my capacity as a talk show host, but as one of your constituents. As you are aware, Governor Doyle on December 10 signed into law a requirement that the history of organized labor and collective bargaining be taught in Wisconsin Schools. The Governor was quoted as saying he was happy to sign the bill so students would understand the importance of the labor movement in creating basic workplace rights.


    While I typically would not advocate such micro-managing of local school district's curriculum by the state, I am writing to urge you to introduce a companion piece of legislation to this new law: a requirement that schools teach the entrepreneurial history of Wisconsin. I propose that this curriculum cover two areas:


    1. A study of the entrepreneurs whose courage and ingenuity lead to the creation of the thousands of jobs now represented by organized labor; Ole Evinrude and Carl Kiekhaefer in the outboard motor industry and the Kohler family of Sheboygan County, just to name a very few.
    2. A more general study of the nature of entrepreneurs; the risks they take with their own time, money and talents to innovate new products. This study should also focus on the impact entrepreneurs have had on the state, and how the accomplishments of these entrepreneurs created the jobs now represented by organized labor, and the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in the future if Wisconsin is going to continue to thrive



    As I stated above, I would normally bristle at the notion of injecting this type of micro-management into local schools from the state level. However, since the prospect of repealing the law mandating organized labor instruction seems dim I feel it would be appropriate to companion that curriculum with the type of curriculum I propose above. Surely if Governor Doyle feels it’s important that students understand the contribution of unions in creating basic workplace rights, he would understand the importance of  teaching students about the entrepreneurs who created those workplaces.


    Thanks for your time Phil, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.






    Jerry Bader

    Ashwaubenon WI

  • Whadya know, it's true!!!!

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Listeners started emailing me during today's show that the new LED traffic lights in the Green Bay area don't burn hot enough to melt snow off, so motorists can't see the light. This happened to me in Ashwaubenon, but I thought nothing of it. When listeners started emailing the show this morning, it sounded like urban Legend. NOPE!

  • Here's our snow winner!

    Posted by Jerry Bader
    User name: teriaugustian
    prediction: 13.3 inches
    Actual snowfall 14.6
    Congratulations! If this is you, call the show Friday and talk with Jason, 406-1360, 888-455-1360.
  • What Does "climate change" have in common with partial birth abortion?

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This is an important question, because the way the evolution of the partial-birth abortion debate has been largely forgotten, and it's a great reminder of what the global warming frauds are perpetrating now. As you most likely know, even the global warming frauds have admitted that global warming has ceased since 1998. Initially they denied that temperatures have stablized and are now cooling. Then, when it became clear the data wouldn't let them get away with that lie, they called it "a pause."

    Well, there was just one little problem with that; they didn't forecast a pause. You can't call a cessation of any phenomenon a "pause" unless you do it before the pause begins. Otherwise, you have to wait until the phenomenon resumes; then you can look back and say it was a pause. And just to be safe, they said this "pause" would last for the next 10 to 15 years. The public wasn't buying it, and belief in this nonsense was slipping. Then, climategate, the hacked East Anglia emails hit, and the global warming frauds realized they had a real problem. So, yesterday they fell back on a tactic they've used for years; when there story is crumbling, making the predictions even more dire. Now they claim the "pause" never occurred. Upon further review, this decade is going to be the hottest, ever! What does this have to do with partial-birth abortion? Plenty.

    Most people have forgotten this, but the partial-birth abortion fraud went through a similar evolution:

    I. The abortionists said there was no such procedure. When this lie was exposed in congressional hearings, they moved to....

    II. Okay, it happens, but, the anesthesia the woman receives for a partial-birth abortion actually kills the baby so that he or she feels no pain. This fell apart when pregnant women who actually wanted their child expressed fear of having a local anessthetics administered during delivery because it might harm their unborn baby. Not seeing this gigantic hole in this lie, the partial-birth abortion frauds then transitioned to...

    III. Partial-birth abortions are performed only in extremely dire circumstances, namely, to save the life of the mother. Then, according to the Baptist Press, abortionist Martin Haskell said 80 percent of partial-birth abortions are done for "purely elective" reasons. This argument was later modified to say just a handful of these procedures take place each year, which was also later debunked.

    Now, let's compare:

    I. The earth is warming and it's man's fault

    II. The warming has stopped, but it's just a pause, even though we didn't forecast the pause. In fact, we said the warming was steady. We are now forecasting that the pause we didn't forecast will last 15 years.

    III. The emails showing deception and manipulation are just "scientists" venting; pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    IV. That pause thing? Yeah, never mind. This last decade, which we conceded saw a pause in global warming actually will be the hottest decade on record, and global warming has been continuing all along

    Unlike the partial-birth abortion debate, where medical records can catch many of the lies, the global warming frauds are able to hide their data, as we saw in climategate. Despite that fact, this evolving argument tactic still worked pretty well for the pro-abortion camp. Imagine how well it might work again, if we let it.