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  • Bears Victory an "Indictment"

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Just imagine if the Packers organization faced the same type of media coverage big market NFL teams do. If you thought Ted Thompson took heat for the Brett Favre divorce, imagine if the Bears had let Favre get away. It's these types of columns that explain why coaches and GM's in other markets face faster hooks than in Green Bay. I was among those said the firing talk of Thompson last year was silly. In reality, in a larger market he very well may have been fired. That's not to say the papers up here never criticize the organization, but it's usually tempered to a large degree. That's also not to say that the Bears don't need to take a close look at everybody, from top to bottom.

    I stayed up and watched Cutler throw the winning TD, and one of my first thoughts was: "gee, I wonder if the Chicago media will cut the Bears any slack now?" I must have been more tired than I realized....

  • Detroit Threat Renews "Naked Scanner Debate."

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    If it could stop a threat like the one on the Detroit bound flight, is it woth the invasion of privacy by a machine that essentially allows screeners to see your naked body? This story also points out that there are other detection devices that could have spotted the small amount of explosives this man had on him.

    One quick aside; have you noticed how libs don't line up to say a broken-up terror threat was really "not a serious threat at all" now that Barack Obama is President?

  • Vikings at Bears Tonight...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    The Vikings are 7-0 at the Metrdome, and a mere 4-3 on the road, while the Bears are 1-6 on the road, but 4-3 at home. And tonight's forecast for Chicago: mostly clear and colder with lows of 3 to 7 above, with windchills of zero to -10. Just saying...

  • "The Other Side of the Death Panel Debate"

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    The title of this post comes from the subject line of the email I received this story in from a listener. This facility is held up by the Obama administration as a poster child for needless tests, procedures, etc. Is 71 years old too old to "waste" this surgery on a patient? Would it be if it was your parent, or you? Health insurance industries have been vilified as being guilty of this coldhearted calculation during the health care reform debate. The reality is the Obama administration envisions medical rationing being aimed directly at seniors, and Sarah Palin was absolutely right.

  • Who is Better in Their First Two Years: Favre or Rodgers?

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Let's start with passing stats:


    1992 (13 games as starter)

    Att                 Comp.     %             Yards        TD     INT           Passer Rating

    471                 302        64             3,227        18      13                   85.3


    522                 318         60.9          3,303         19      24                  72.2




    546                341         63.6            4,038        28      13                    93.8

    2009(thru 15 games)

    515                329         63.9            4,119         29      7                    102.4


    It took Favre until 2009 to get a season passer rating over 100. Rodgers becomes the first NFL QB to throw for 4,000 plus yards in each of his first two season as a starter. Clearly, statistically, Rodgers is a much better quarterback than Favre in his first two seasons as starter. Ah, but I hear the Favre first fans now: it's all about the wins Jerry! Well, let's examine their records through their first 31 games as starters:

    Favre 18-13

    Rodgers 16-15

    Hum, this is the HUGE difference between the two that I'm supposed to understand????? Really?????

    Favre turned 40 in October, Rodgers turned 25 this year. Favre is now trying to run the Vikings organization the way he was running the Packers organization late in his career here. Rodgers is far ahead in development of where Brett Favre was at this point in his career and Favre will be going into the NFL Hall of Fame his first year of eligibility. There is no doubt in my mind the organization made the right decision in moving along without Brett Favre.

    Will Rodgers be as durable as Favre? Not likely, but that's what makes Favre's consecutive start record so amazing; nobody else has done it( Peyton Manning is nearly in Favre's class in that category and bests Favre in most others)

    None of this is to minimize what Brett Favre did for the Green Bay Packers, or how great a QB he is. If Aaron Rodgers remains relatively healthy, I believe he can complete the rare feat of following a Hall of Famer with a Hall of Fame career of his own. This is far from given, of course. It was far from given in 1993 as well. And as stated above, Rodgers is a more developed QB now than Farve was then. I want to be clear here: my point is NOT to diminish the career of Brett Favre. I'm speaking to those Packer fans who refuse to accept that Aaron Rodgers is already an upper echelon QB, even more than Favre was at this point in his career, and they can't accept this simply because he's not Brett Favre. Let the disagreeing begin with the comments tool below!

  • Packer Playoff Scenarios

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Is this clear now? Early indications are McCarthy doesn't plan on treating next Sunday as a bye. A re-match with the Cards in the first round of the playoffs is the most likely scenario at the moment, but as you can see, just about anything is possible.

  • Max Baucus Drunk on Senate Floor?

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    First found on Drudge: I don't know, can you really even tell if a democratic senator's faculties are impaired (more than usual, that is?)

  • Beware Northwest Flight 253

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Maybe the event aboard this flight really was "non-serious." But do you really think it's a coincidence that it's the same flight number, airline and point of origination and destination as the flight where a detonation was attempted on Friday? And does this put into context the "dry run" type episodes we've reported on the show of late? The White House has ordered a review of security screenings to see how the explosive material got on Friday's flight. Good call.

  • Packers Head back to the Playoffs

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    The Green Bay Packers are back in the playoffs after a one year absence, after pounding Seattle today 48 to 10. It's likely the Packers will rest starters next Sunday at Arizona; they really won't have anything to play for. The NFC playoffs could be fascinating. The Saints lose today to TAMPA! Neither they nor the Vikings are playing anywhere near close to their best football heading into the playoffs. Despite last week's heartbreaker, the Pack wins 6 of its last 7  before heading into a meaningless game next weekend with the Cardinals. They're probably playing about as good as any NFC team heading into the playoffs. Almost more stunning then the Saints loss to the Bucs: the Giants getting SPANKED at the Meadowlands by the Panthers, in their last game there before moving to a new stadium next year.

    As was pointed out during today's game, with the exception of Philly, weather will likely have zero impact on the NFC playoffs; domes in MN, NO, AZ. I don't know how far the Packers will go, but it's GREAT to have them back in the playoffs, and it's good for Aaron Rodgers to get that playoff monkey off his back in this just his second year as a starter! GO PACK!

  • Feingold Gives Obama a Failing Grade on Earmarks

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Hum..."The Hill" refers to Russ Feingold as a "fiscal hawk???" Not sure about that. This is another one of these moves by Feingold to look like a Maverick without really doing anything. "Look at me, I'm criticizing my own president. See, see, I'm a maverick." It's an empty gesture that will do no harm to Obama and let Feingold try to paint himself as centrist. As we've pointed out on this blog earlier, if Feingold really wanted to be a Maverick, he would have fought vigorously against a health care reform bill that does not have the public option that he has made clear in the past he so strongly supports.

  • No Christmas church services for the first family

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Normally I would say what the first family does or doesn't do on Christmas is nobody's business. But I think it IS relevant, because as a politician and now as POTUS, has made much of his religious faith, because he felt he had to in order to get elected. His liberal base tends not to be church-going, and normally has an adversial relationship with all things religious, but they're willing to look the other way because they know their guy "needs" religion to get elected. If you're going to criticize that as a cynical view I would ask you to consider this:

    How many people who consider themselves persons of faith DON'T go to church all year and then go at Christmas and Easter (referred to by some as  CEOs (Christmas and Easter only). Barack Obama has made much of his religious faith as a candidate, and his family didn't make it to church on Christmas and hasn't found a church home in DC. Again, normally, I wouldn't care, but it's Obama who wore his religion on his sleeve...