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  • Maureen Dowd's Interview with Napolitano

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    The generally friendly piece you'd expect from Dowd. I find these quotes from Napolitano particularly interesting:

    “What this brings home is that we can’t be complacent,” she said. “We have a determined enemy and you can’t put the United States in a big Tupperware container. That’s not our nation. Those are not our values.”

    Later she picks up the same theme: “I think we do a disservice if we tell people there are 100 percent guarantees. I think we tell them we’re doing everything we can to reduce risk.

    I agree with much of that; then again, I agreed with much of that before Jan. 20 2009. That's when the left was simultaneously accusing Bush of exaggerating the terrorist threat while at the same time accusing him of incomptence in fighting that non-existent enemy. Suddenly the left realizes the terror threat(although they don't use the word terrorism anymore) is omnipresent and that we have to be right every day where the terrorists only need to be right once, to paraphrase President George W. Bush. Funny how this went from bogeyman to a risk we can ony reduce and not eliminate

  • Rush Limbaugh Returns to the Air on Wednesday

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I received this earlier today from EIB:

    Rush  will return to the microphone on Wednesday, January 6th.  Mark Steyn will be the guest host on Monday, January 4th and Tuesday, January 5th.
    Rush thanks the tens of thousands who've shared prayers and good thoughts with him over the past two days' time, and offers his deepest thanks to the staff and administration of Queens Hospital for their excellent care and supervision.

  • Various Industries Hit by Low Deer Herd

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Pay particular attention to the deer crash element of this story. Some listeners have long accused the auto insurance industry of being behind the over-management of the deer herd by the DNR. I see no evidence of that, but clearly, they're not unhappy about the trend.

  • Stimulus money Will Make State Budget Woes Worse

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker warned of this from his chair as Milwaukee County Executive and was ripped mightily for it. This was the most obvious "I told you so" ever. Give states money for EXPANDED program spending, but only temporarily, and you couldn't see what was coming? This Wall Street Journal article doesn't mention it, but Wisconsin is considered one of the state's on the edge when it comes to a complete budget collapse. The "stimulus" did nothing more than push Wisconsin states and other equally precariously perched that much closer to the edge.

  • Mom Banned From Emailing School Board

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    A mother in the The Weyauwega-Fremont school district  has been banned from emailing district staffers or the school board. The district administrator made the call and the school board has now backed him up. If the woman isn't being threatening, does an elected school board have the responsibility to accept her correspondence? Would they ban her from snail-mailing them letters, if they could?

  • TMZ and Rush

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Shared by a listener on Facebook. TMZ gives libs a chance to wish Rush ill and they're surprised when the libs take the chance? As Hot Air pointed out on this topic(although not the TMZ poll specifically) both sides do engage in some of this and Rush is certainly big enough to take it. I still argue that the left seems to indulge in this stuff more than the right. By the way, kudos to Rachel Maddow who did wish Rush well.

  • Report: US Intel Agencies "Insufficently Aggressive"

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Libs spent the last a years saying terrorists were a Bush Administration created bogeyman, villifying our intelligence agencies and then they wonder why the same agencies were "insufficently aggressive" when it came to ferreting out a terror threat? Are you kidding me? And it's going to be Bush's fault. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

  • Is Black Unemployment so High Because Blacks Don't Want to Work?

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This is a fascinating column by black racist Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He is among black writers who feel President Obama hasn't done enough to deal with the crisis of black unemployment. One such column elicited a response from a black Milwaukee businessman who said it's not lack of jobs, it's lack of will by black men to hold a steady job. The contortionist act Kane goes into to try disagree with "George" while conceding George knows what the hell he's talking about and Kane doesn't is hysterical. Kane calls this the same type of "racist blather of some politicians and media types."

    Is "George" a racist? A black man who has turned his life around and now sees the systemic problem in the black community that the so-called "black leadership," which in Milwaukee includes Eugene Kane, refuses to see, is racist? Of course not, he's just wrong, according to Kane. So what's really funny here is how Kane tells the black male community to stop being the way George says they are so they can prove George wrong. Watch out Eugene, you're going to pull a muscle stretching that way.

  • Rush Limbaugh Update

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I received the following email this morning from EIB concerning Rush Limbaugh's hospitalization in Honolulu yesterday after suffering chest pains:

    Rush was admitted to and is resting comfortably in a Honolulu hospital today after suffering chest pains. Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes, and he will keep you updated via RushLimbaugh.com and on today's radio program. As planned Walter Williams will be our guest host today.

    Here's the latest from KITV in Honolulu.

  • A Blast From the Past

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    A loyal listener in Chicago(diehard Packer fan) sent this to me. It's from July 16, 2008. As listener Keith points out, it's an interesting perspective, especially in the wake of the events of the last year and a half.