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A Fair WAY To Learn

by Mike Austin

The just concluded Brown County Fair was another prime example of the value of the county fair experience in providing both a social and educational outlet for county residents. The value of the fair is to allow for a social outlet for its residents and even though in many cases the county fair is no longer one of the highlights of the summer, it does provide another option for good affordable family fun and entertainment.

Now while I mentioned that for many the fair may not be the highlight of their summer, it is high on the priority list for those young 4-H and FFA members who exhibit at the fair. And it is also a very important event to their parents who realize the benefits provided through the junior fair project areas.   

The county fair also plays an important role for rural Wisconsin and the states agricultural industry as it serves as a training ground for future ag and community leaders.

This years record attendance at the Brown County Fair also showed that when you give people good affordable entertainment and a great venue to take the family, plus you have near ideal weather people will come out and enjoy the great traditions of the county fair.

So congratulations to the fair board, volunteers, sponsors and exhibitors for a job well done and Fair Well until next years county fair.